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We Have Sought Our Client’s Permission For You To Contact Them Directly To Obtain Testimonials As To The Quality And Timeliness Of Our Service.

We have products that we believe are of high quality, competitive, of high and excellent value for money. Our area of operation is in the East and Central African region namely, Eritrea, Somalia, Southern Sudan, Uganda, Burundi, Kenya and Tanzania and with full fledged offices in India and Australia. We believe that our past record and the testimonials of our many satisfied clients are the promise of an efficient and trouble-free service. We look forward to being the supplier that you choose.

Surgical blade No. 20

Ksh 720.00

Surgical blade No. 24

Ksh 720.00

Surgical blade holders

Ksh 225.00

Gynaecological/ A.I.gloves 25pcs

Ksh 4500.00

None sterile gloves Per 100

Ksh 4200.00

Sterile surgical gloves Per 100

Ksh 3500.00

Sutures (absorbable) -chrimic catgut

Ksh 800

Sutures (non-absorbable) -nylon

Ksh 600

Cotton wool 50gm Roll

Ksh 150

Gauze bandage Roll -1.5kg

Ksh 3000

Plaster of paris Roll -per inch

Ksh 60

Disposable needles 18G (1 1/2) 100 Mini-pack 8

Ksh 270

Disposable syringe 2cc 100 Mini-pack

Ksh 500

Disposable syringe 5cc 100 Mini-pack

Ksh 650

Disposable syringe 10cc 100 Mini-pack

Ksh 830

Disposable syringe 20cc 80 Mini-pack

Ksh 1300

Disposable syringe 60cc 100 Mini-pack

Ksh 3500

Reusable Syringes 20cc

Ksh 220

Reusable needles 18G X1.5 Dozen -hypordemic disposable

Ksh 130

Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) 25gm

Ksh 75

Quaternary ammonium oil (Healing oil) 250ml

Ksh 650

Liquid paraffin 500ml

Ksh 1000

Surgical Spirit 500ml

Ksh 300

EDTA vacutainer tubes-10mls (pack of 100)

Ksh 5460

EDTA vacutainer tubes-5ml (pack of 100)

Ksh 3900

Plain vacutainer tubes-10mls(pack of 100)

Ksh 2496

Plain vacutainer tubes-5mls (pack of 100)

Ksh 3900

Cryovials (1.8ml-IMEC)-grooves outside of mother tube

Ksh 19.5

Blood collection needles G21

Ksh 2.34

Surgical gloves. A box of 100 pairs

Ksh 4680

Small cool boxes(with strap)-5litre capacity

Ksh 4992

Medium size cool boxes-30litre capacity

Ksh 10920

Fine pointed sample labelling marker pen

Ksh 936

Full large surgical kit

Ksh 25000

Full post mortem kit

Ksh 15000

Digital thermometer

Ksh 300.00


Ksh 29,900.00

Debeaking clipper/Scissors

Ksh 325.00

Drenching gun

Ksh 2470.00

Knapsack sprayer-20ltr capacity

Ksh 4,030.00

Automatic syringe-50mls

Ksh 2,210.00

Automatic syringe-10mls

Ksh 3,120.00

Burdizzo 12" (small ruminants)

Ksh 2,700.00

Burdizzo 18" (large ruminants)

Ksh 4,650.00

Bull leader Pc

Ksh 525.00

Trocar & Canula -stainless steel

Ksh 825.00

Disbuding iron

Ksh 2,550.00

Hoof trimmer

Ksh 3,900.00

Hoof knife

Ksh 450.00

Drenching gun

Ksh 4,050.00

Drenching gun

Ksh 4,050.00

Bolus gun

Ksh 2,100.00

Spray pump 20 litres

Ksh 3,000.00

Dehorning wire

Ksh 900.00

Ear tag applicator (large animal-pin type)

Ksh 2,100.00

Ear tag applicator (small anima/goatsl) -pin type

Ksh 2,100.00

Ear tag (large animal)

Ksh 40.50

Ear tag (small animal)

Ksh 30.00

Permanent ear tag marking pen

Ksh 750.00

Digital Thermometers

Ksh 345.00

Weigh bands

Ksh 975.00

Thumb forceps

Ksh 375.00